Minor Arcana Tarot Card – Short Description – The Suit of Swords

As I did with my first book, I researched the minor Sword arcana cards for my second book. Here’s what I boiled each Sword card down to:

  • Ace: Courage, mental awareness, epiphany.
  • Two: Agreement, compromise, blindness.
  • Three: Sorrow, disruption, betrayal.
  • Four: Rest, deep emotional issues, healing.
  • Five: Mixed feelings, conflict, distance.
  • Six: Escape, resolution, accepting help.
  • Seven: Stalk, stealth, unstable.
  • Eight: Restrain, victim, setback.
  • Night: Nightmares, anxiety, suffering.
  • Ten: Careful about trust, overkill, ruin.
  • Page: Message, merciless, mentally unstable.
  • Knight: Desirable, good news, planning.
  • Queen: Forceful, honest, instincts.
  • King: Power, opinion, forceful energy.



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