Major Arcana Tarot Cards – Short Description

I did quite a bit of research on tarot cards before, and in the process of writing my book. Technically, I was trying to learn about the cards well before even wanting to write about them. In the end, I still tried to boil each down to only a few words and played with more literal meanings as well.

0. Fool – New beginnings, innocence, openness.
1. Magician – Action, manifestation, elements.
2. High Priestess – Intuition, wisdom, mystery.
3. Empress – Motherhood, compassion, abundance.
4. Emperor – Authority, virility, structure.
5. Hierophant – Tradition, learning, organized.
6. Lovers – Choice, connection, commitment.
7. Chariot – Will, ambition, self-discipline.
8. Strength – Control, courage, power.
9. Hermit – Solitude, guidance, hidden truths.
10. Wheel of Fortune – Change, karma, chance.
11. Justice – Balance, fair, law.
12. Hanged Man – Sacrifice, suspension, enlightenment.
13. Death – Endings, transformation, separation.
14. Temperance – Moderation, co-operation, patience.
15. Devil – Temptation, bondage, helplessness.
16. Tower – Sudden change, ruin, upheaval.
17. Star – Hope, wishes, renewal.
18. Moon – Illusions, caution, dreams.
19. Sun – Illumination, contentment, optimism.
20. Judgement – Revelation, spiritual awakening, rebirth.
21. World – Completion, freedom, conjunction.


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