Rerelease: The Tarot Cards: Major Arcana

After my third revision of book three in the series, I decided to go back to the first two books and update the images and rewrite/reedit the books since I’m a better writer now than I was back then. I’m not sure about doing an actual relaunch on the books, despite the potential fresh start, but I have updated the current book.

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The Tarot Cards: Major Arcana

The cards have been released.
They’re draining the world of its magic.
A new master has been chosen.
Only she can capture the cards.

High schooler Clara Marsters was on summer break when she found a magical tarot card that would change her destiny. The card teleported her onto the dying world, Gaia, as its new master. There she met Alex, the mysterious yet familiar talking tiger, who came to assist her on her quest to collect the remaining cards.

In order to save the world and get back home, they must travel through the kingdom of Burkhart, solving puzzles and braving the trials of the cards. Unfortunately, there’s more than trials she has to worry about; others want the magical power of the cards, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

How far would you go to save a world that isn’t your own?




Tarot Cards: Death

Above all else, I see the Death card as being about change and transformation. In my novel, my main character, Clara, had to transform to obtain this card.


General Meaning
– Change.
– Something needs to end for a new beginning.
– Transformation.
– New cycle.
– Transition.
– Rebirth.
– Something meant to happen.


As a Person
– Someone with many different levels.
– Different.
– Loner.
– Intense.
– Secretive.

Love & Relationships
– Relationship is changing.
– Relationship won’t work out.
– Obsessive.
– Excessive.

As Feelings
– Feelings are changing.
– Feeling a need for change.

– Hardest part of a change is behind you.

– Things are about to change/currently changing.
– Something needs to end.

– End of relationship or major change in life.

Career & Money
– Change in employment.
– Be careful with your spending.

– End of a cycle or relationship.
– Moving forward.

– Resisting change.
– Delays.
– Clinging onto things that are no longer needed.
– Depression.
– Death.


Tarot Cards: The Hanged Man

In my novel, the Hanged Man trail leaves Clara in a precarious position as self-sacrifice comes into play.

The Hanged Man

General Meaning
– Martyr.
– Time of reflection.
– Sacrifice.
– New perspective.
– Patience.
– Yield.
– Isolation.
– Life on hold.

As a Person
– Martyr.
– Passive.
– Patient.
– Introspective.
– Dislikes conflict.
– Unconventional.

Love & Relationships
– Wait before getting into a relationship.
– Take a good look at your relationship.
– Appreciate what you have.

As Feelings
– Waiting for things to pan out.
– Feeling a need to sacrifice time.
– Distant.

– Growing from sacrifices made.

– The heed to let go of a situation or person.

– Don’t fight the changes coming.

Career & Money
– Wait before acting or making decisions.
– Negotiations.
– Consider options carefully.

– Sacrifices need to be made.
– Let go of what’s no longer needed.
– Wait.
– Surrender.
– Try to see things in a different light.

– Bad choices made.
– Giving up.
– Missing your chance.
– Unwilling to suffer for the better good.


Tarot Cards: Justice

In my novel, Clara had her conscience judged by Justice and could only pass if it was clear.


General Meaning
– Fairness.
– Truth.
– Karma.
– Duality.
– Harmony.
– Honesty.
– Cause and effect.
– Trials.
– Equality.

As a Person
– Harmonious.
– Dislikes conflict.
– Unbiased.
– Forgiving.
– Methodical.
– Educated.
– Inquisitive.

Love & Relationships
– Things need to be balanced.
– Equal union.
– A growing love; friends to lovers.
– Potential wedding.

As Feelings
– Feels a need to be fair.
– Feeling the relationship is right.
– Weighing feelings.

– Past decisions influencing you now.

– A big decision to be made.
– Weighing options.

– A big change ahead depending on your decision.

Career & Money
– Look for a job in legal matters.
– Accounts being settled.
– New opportunities for money.

– Fair decisions.
– Taking responsibility.
– A need to be honest.
– Think carefully.

– A legal situation.
– Imbalance.
– Conflict.
– Dishonesty.
– Immoral decisions.


Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune

In my novel, Clara finds herself delving into different cycles of the Wheel of Fortune and often uses the card as a lock pick!

Wheel of Fortune

General Meaning
– Change in luck.
– Cycles.
– A turning point.
– What goes around comes around; karma.
– External factors influencing you.
– Fate.
– Fortune.


As a Person
– Someone who’s been through a lot of ups and downs.
– Dualistic personality.
– Runs hot and cold.
– Always changing.
– Opportunistic.

Love & Relationships
– Good things are coming.
– A chance meeting.
– If single, that will change soon.
– Changes in the relationship for the better.

As Feelings
– Feelings are changing.
– Uncertainty.
– Moving between polar feelings.
– Up in the air.

– Actions of the past controlling the present.

– Changes are afoot.

– You will have a chance to change things.

Career & Money
– New opportunities.
– Change in fortune.

– Don’t resist change.
– Keep an open mind.
– Things are out of your control.
– Changes are coming.

– Bad luck.
– Resisting change.
– Breaking out of a cycle.
– Trying to control everything.
– Repeating negative cycles.


Tarot Cards: The Hermit

The trial of the hermit in my novel forces Clara to follow the light in the darkness and search herself for the answer.

The Hermit

General Meaning
– Wisdom.
– Retreat.
– Alone time/isolation.
– Time to meditate.
– Inner journey.
– Insight.
– Self-awareness.
– Peace and quiet.

As a Person
– Loner.
– Wise.
– A guide.
– Reflective.
– Seeker of knowledge.
– Analytical.
– Insightful.

Love & Relationships
– Someone is currently unavailable and focusing on other things.
– Your partner wants alone time.
– Love interest is extremely selective when it comes to a partner.

As Feelings
– Needing alone time.
– Need to reflect on the relationship or themselves.
– Might want to separate from you.

– Completed education.
– Life lesson learned.

– Time to reflect.
– What you need, is inside you.

– Reflection completed.
– Loneliness.

Career & Money
– Think about your true calling.
– Does your current job fulfill you?

– Alone time needed to reflect.
– Someone in your life will help shine a line on your situation.
– Discovering your inner self.
– Loneliness.

– Ignoring inner voice.
– Overthinking.
– Cutting out the while world.
– Loneliness.
– Doubting yourself.


Tarot Cards: Strength

Throughout my books, I’ve used this card multiple times to help Clara with both physical and mental strength.


General Meaning
– Control of inner self.
– Patience.
– Compassion.
– Strength.
– Courage.
– Self-discipline.
– Using love instead of force.
– Passion and love.
– Pride and determination.

As a Person
– Exudes confidence.
– Great inner strength.
– A leader.
– Passionate.
– Balanced.
– Artistic.
– Has a lot of hobbies.

Love & Relationships
– Respectful relationship.
– Sparks.
– Physical and sexual attraction.
– Patience required.
– Courtship stage.
– Unconditional love.

As Feelings
– Passionate feelings.
– In control of your feelings.
– Strong romantic feelings.

– Previous composure allowed for the current situation.

– Be in control of yourself and be a leader to others.

– Things will come under your control soon.

Career & Money
– You’re in the right job.
– What you want to do, is right in this situation.
– Do what you’re passionate about.

– Patience required.
– Be tolerant.
– Using self-control.

– Brute force.
– Acting irrationally.
– Cowardice.
– Jealousy.
– Fear.
– Impatience.


Tarot Cards: The Chariot

The trial I wrote for this one, in my book, put Clara through her paces as she was chased through a maze and had to be creative in order to stop the Chariot’s forceful willpower.

The Chariot

General Meaning
– Willpower.
– Moving forward.
– Movement.
– Control.
– Unwavering loyalty.
– Travel.
– Assertion.
– Victory.

As a Person
– Confident.
– Goal-oriented.
– Take-control.
– Determined.
– A leader.
– Guarded.
– Tenacious.

Love & Relationships
– Taking control of the relationship.
– Getting through obstacles.
– Someone’s guard is up.
– Relying on willpower to continue the relationship.

As Feelings
– Feeling guarded or protective.
– Self-assured; they have you in the palm of their hand.
– Focused on other things.
– Uninterested.

– Previous success still creating a path.

– Victory.

– Obtaining goals.

Career & Money
– Success.
– Having control.

– Conquering obstacles.
– Victory.
– Mastering emotions.

– Lack of progress.
– Stagnation.
– New obstacles in your way.
– Losing control.
– Misdirected.
– Not trying hard enough.
– Aggression.


Tarot Cards: The Lovers

While writing for the trial of the Lovers card in my novel, I used it for both meaning a choice and for love.

The Lovers

General Meaning
– Love.
– Choices.
– Third party involvement.
– Balance between the heart and mind.
– Fate.
– Carnal desire.
– Sexual attraction.
– Communication.
– Uniting.

As a Person
– Romantic.
– Flirtatious.
– Makes choices based on their heart.
– Passionate.
– Sensual.
– Loves being in a relationship.

Love & Relationships
– Commitment.
– Romance.
– Passion.
– Potential third party.
– Choosing between people.
– Being swept off your feet.

As Feelings
– In love.
– Declaring feelings.
– Feeling destined to be together.
– Deeply connected.

– Previous relationships have prepared you for the future.

– A good relationship deepening.

– Relationships improving.

Career & Money
– Long-lasting job.
– A choice to be made.
– New options available.
– Working closely with someone.

– Expressing true feelings.
– Decisions made.
– Harmony.
– Ready for commitment.

– Lack of balance.
– Ignoring choices.
– Lack of connection.
– Too many options; playing the field.
– Potential breakup.
– Separation.
– Marriage of convenience.


Tarot Cards: The Hierophant

He is a source of vast wisdom and the epitome of tradition, ruling over organized groups.

The Hierophant

General Meaning
– Teaching and learning.
– Knowledge.
– Discipline.
– Tradition.
– Weddings or union.
– Rules of society.
– Guidance.


As a Person
– Has strong beliefs.
– Well-educated.
– Supportive.
– Wise.
– Moral.
– A mentor.
– Conservative.

Love & Relationships
– Doing what is expected.
– Marriage of convenience.
– Relationship unchanging.
– Sharing values.
– Deep commitment.

As Feelings
– Feeling connected.
– Only acting on feelings that would be accepted by society.
– If current lover, loves you deeply.
– If not together, platonic feelings.
– Good intentions.

– Previous connections affecting you now.

– New beliefs.

– Advice from someone older or wiser will help you move forward.

Career & Money
– In need of training or a mentor.
– Don’t take risks with money.

– Marriage or union.
– Things will change when the time is right.
– Education is needed.

– Rigid beliefs.
– Extremist.
– Unwilling to listen and learn.
– Lack of connections.
– Others trying to control you.
– Not seeing eye to eye.
– Loss of individuality.